For Immediate Release
Friday, September 8, 2023

Media Contact
Vic Gerami
Campaign Manager



Los Angeles — National Political Strategist Chuck Rocha and his Solidarity Strategies team have joined the Sam Kbushyan for City Council District 2 campaign and will run all political operations for Sam. Rocha, Senior Advisor to the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign, is a nationally recognized expert at mobilizing the Latino vote and has worked extensively for Democrats across the Country. ‘Sam is a one of a kind candidate – an ‘Armenian Chicano’ according to my good friend Lalo Alcaraz – who can reach deep into the voter-rich Armenian and Latino communities while simultaneously competing for every vote in the remainder of the district.’

Renowned fundraiser Kat Connolly will serve as Finance Director for the Kbushyan campaign and has been an integral part of the Kbushyan campaign’s $222K raised in a short time span. ‘Sam is the ideal candidate when it comes to raising funds. He’s a respected community-based member of the Mayor’s Transition Team, has friends all over Los Angeles, and will be ready if and when the cap is busted on this race.’

Kbushyan commented on the new team by saying: ‘I invest in people not push polls. With their help, my campaign will have the right message, the right solutions, and the financial ability to repeatedly reach every voter in CD2 by March 5th. Stay tuned…we are just getting warmed up.’

Sam Kbushyan and Chuck Rocha are available for interviews. Members of the media can contact Vic Gerami at 310.880.8563 (or)

Please visit for more information, including Sam’s policy positions. Photos of Sam can be downloaded here.

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 About Sam Kbushyan

Sam Kbushyan, a Commissioner for the California State Board, is a longtime public servant, community leader, and civil rights advocate. He was first appointed to serve on the California State Respiratory Care Board in 2017 and reappointed in 2022 for another four years.

As the Principal of his public affairs firm, SKG, Sam is dedicated to community building, business advocacy, civic participation, and synergistic relationships.

Sam is appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and serves on the Mayor’s Advisory Transition Team.

Mayor Bass handpicked Sam for his years of dedication to public affairs, civic participation, and social entrepreneurship. He is an active member of several leading community-based organizations.

Sam serves on the board of the LA Community Alliance. In his role, Sam champions the strategic and synergistic cooperation of various stakeholders in the community to work for multiple common goals. He is also the former Executive Director and a current board member of the Immigrants Charitable Foundation.

He was a labor union organizer for the SEIU Local 434b. He devised plans to help long-term healthcare workers advocate for improving wages, working conditions, and access to healthcare. Sam successfully mobilized over thirty-thousand long-term healthcare providers through advocacy workshops, collective bargaining, and education for union members.

As a board member of the East Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Sam has advocated for small businesses, addressing specific challenges affecting business owners, the local economy, and sustainability.

Sam’s track record of social advocacy, community outreach, and education goes back to his college years when he was the Student Body President of the Los Angeles Valley College and later the Commissioner of Political Affairs at California State University Los Angeles. 

As a candidate for public office, Sam’s top priorities are to combat homelessness, housing shortage and challenges, public safety, and accountability, government corruption and bureaucracy, economic development for all income brackets, lasting immigration roadmap, and viable and expedited public transportation solutions.

Sam studied political science at California State University Los Angeles, where he received his B.A. He completed his graduate degree at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He is married to Suzanna, and they have three children, Maria, David, and Bella, and they live in Valley Glen, CA.