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I am a journalist, a columnist, radio show host, and media contributor who is also publisher and editor of The Blunt Post.

I am the host and producer of my prime-time radio show, THE BLUNT POST with VIC on Independent Radio KPFK 90.7 FM (Pacifica Network). The program covers national breaking and headline news, politics, and current events, and I offer analysis and commentary. I also interview a high-profile member of Congress on every show. A few of my recent guests include Congressman Adam SchiffCongresswoman Jackie SpeierCongressman Tony CardenasCongresswoman Maxine Waters, and Congresswoman Judy ChuCongressman Jim CostaCongresswoman Norma TorresCongresswoman Grace NapolitanoCongressman Raul Ruiz + Congresswoman Barbara LeeCongresswoman Linda Sanchez, as well as Marianne Williamson. You can listen to all the interviews here.

Today reaching national international audiences, I first built a foundation of knowledge and skills by learning the media industry during my years at Frontiers Magazine, followed by positions at LA Weekly and Voice Media Group. For the second time, I was selected as a finalist in the Los Angeles Press Club’s National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards “Columnist of the Year” category in 2019, having first made the final round of consideration in 2017. My celebrity Q&A column, ‘10 Questions with Vic‘ is internationally syndicated.

A few of many celebrities whom I have interviewed include Melissa EtheridgePaula AbdulDan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), Kathy GriffinMatthew ModineLaverne Cox, and Marianne Williamson. In July 2020, the Los Angeles Press Club announced that I am a Finalist in record seven (7) categories for the 62nd Annual Southern California Journalism Awards.

I am also a contributor for some of the most prominent publications in the nation, including Windy City Times, AsbarezThe Armenian Weekly, California Courier, OUT TravelerBay Area reporterThe Immigrant MagazineThe FightBrave New Hollywood, and The Advocate Magazine, among others.

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