10 QUESTIONS with VIC, featuring LONI LOVE



Loni Love is an American success story of a talented, smart, beautiful, ambitious and determined girl from humble beginnings who made it big in Hollywood. But despite her immense success and rising star as an actress, comedian, TV host, writer and speaker, she keeps it real, humble and fun.


Modesty aside, how would you describe yourself?

Plus size dark skinned black girl from the projects that wasn’t supposed to be on TV…


You have a degree in electrical engineering and your multiple talents have afforded you a very diverse career so far. You have worked in General Motors’ assembly line, as a music engineer, musician, comedian, actress, writer and currently a host on Fox’s The Real. Would it be accurate to say that you have a dream career?

I have a God career…He has a purpose for me and he is the one opening making opportunities for my career.


You have a full schedule of shows coming up in La Jolla CA, Texas and Maryland. Is it challenging to juggle The Real and your standup career? 

Yes but I balance it with a good sex life and brown liquor.


As a Michigan native, what are your thoughts on Flint’s continuing water crisis?

I help to continue to use my platform to inform that the water is still not right..but also this is happening in Flint today and could be your city tomorrow.


As a successful black woman entertainer, do you feel added pressure to be a role-model for young people, especially young black women, and give them hope that anything is possible?

I believe in giving inspiration and entertainment to my fans and folks that give me good energy.


How do you decompress or do when you have a night off?

I go to dinner and laugh with my friends…friend from my college..not the Hollywood peeps..


What ultimate celebrity guests would you like to have on The Real?

Obama…Amal Clooney..Oprah


You are very popular to say the least. Tell me about your fans.

I have all types of fans and they show up at my comedy shows…in the front are couples. On the side are single women…the other side are the gays. In the back are the guys…


What is your favorite charity or cause?

American Red Cross


Other than your upcoming standup shows, what other project(s) do you have coming up?

I have a movie with Ethan Hawke coming (The Walrus) and I signed a development deal with Warner Brothers to develop my own sitcom.