QYK Brands and Partners to Provide Sanitizer and Wipes in Statewide Vaccinations in CA Clinics

QYK Brands Partners with Global Empowerment Mission, BStrong by Bethenny & International Medical Corp. To Provide Sanitizer & Wipes in Statewide Vaccinations Clinics

By Vic Gerami


Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen

Orange County based QYK Brands (QYK) has joined forces with Global Empowerment Mission, BStrong by Bethenny and International Medical Corp, the announcement was made by company principal Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen.

Dr. J’s Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Dr. J’s Natural Hand Sanitizer, products under the QYK’s brand Dr. J’s Natural, will now be used in vaccination clinics across the state of California.

“QYK Brands is proud to further the goal to safely help to vaccinate all the citizens of California, in collaboration with the Global Empowerment Mission, whose incredible work in disaster relief is internationally renowned,” comments Dr. Nguyen. “We are honored to aid in this heroic effort to safely provide vaccinations to the residents of our home state. QYK is happy to share our products in order to help protect our community during these difficult times.”

When Dr. Nguyen joined the QYK family in 2017, her mission was to utilize her medical knowledge to serve the greater health needs of her community. This passion has always been the driving force behind QYK’s innovation, from Dr. J’s Natural health supplements to the popular QYK Sonic skincare devices.

It’s also what drove QYK to step up during these unprecedented times to create Dr. J’s Surface Disinfectant Wipes.  QYK’s wipes are EPA (N List) Registered and effective to kill the virus that causes Covid-19.  Each day, the company strives to devote its time and efforts in making innovative products to keep the community safe, healthy, and empowered.

Founded in 2017, QYK Brands is a proud American manufacturing company with the mission to create a happier, healthier society by creating quality products that reflect its core values of ‘do good and feel good.” The company’s brands are trusted by millions of people who are inspired and empowered to take responsibility for their own health, beauty, and personal care. The company’s innovative beauty, hygiene, and nutraceutical brands include QYKSonic®, Dr. J’s Naturals®, Glowy®, 1Med®, and TOWL. QYK Brands was one of the first companies to address the challenges brought on by Covid-19 by rapidly expanding to new avenues of manufacturing in hygiene and healthcare products. The company’s new expansion into a sprawling 130,000 square feet facility in Southern California focuses primarily on the manufacturing of wet wipes, leading the way in producing high-performing, EPA registered disinfectant wipes with enormous capabilities established and integrated vertically to support its goal to become the top player in the industry. The company’s dedicated efforts to support its local communities have been well documented and covered by national and state media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Evening News, and BBC. Company founders take great pride in having been able to rapidly scale and create over 200 new jobs locally and is especially proud that its efforts have been completely self-funded.

QYK Brands is located at 12101 Western Ave Garden Grove, CA 92841. For more information, please visit QYK.us or Instagram & Facebook.