It’s time that a Non-Politician Community Leader and a Successful Small Business Owner Like Kbushyan to Lead District 2 Out of Its Current State of Disarray


By Vic Gerami


It’s rare for a successful small business owner to run for office, especially one who doesn’t need the job, and that’s why Sam Kbushyan stands out. Often, career politicians play musical chairs with different elected offices, choosing public service more as their career rather than an opportunity to serve and make a difference.


Sam Kbushyan, who has an impeccable track record both in business and community service, is running for LA City Council District 2, which includes the neighborhoods of Studio City, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, NoHo Arts District, North Hollywood, Valley Village, Valley Glen, Van Nuys, and Sun Valley. 


Sam serves as a Commissioner for the California State Board and has long been a committed public servant, community pillar, and advocate for civil rights. In 2017, he was first appointed to the California State Respiratory Care Board, and his dedication led to his reappointment in 2022 for another term.


As the Principal of the public affairs firm SKG, Sam is deeply committed to fostering community growth, promoting business advocacy, ensuring civic participation, and nurturing symbiotic partnerships. Appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, Sam is integral to the Mayor’s Advisory Transition Team. His unwavering commitment to public affairs, civic participation, and social entrepreneurship made him a prime choice for Mayor Bass.


Active in numerous preeminent community organizations, Sam also serves on the board of the LA Community Alliance. In this role, he creates strategic alliances and fosters cooperation among various community stakeholders. Previously the Executive Director of the Immigrants Charitable Foundation, Sam’s impact is wide-reaching.


Sam’s expertise was also evident in his tenure as a SEIU Local 434b labor union organizer. Here, he formulated strategies that empowered long-term healthcare workers to advocate for improved wages, work conditions, and healthcare accessibility. He successfully mobilized over 30,000 healthcare providers through advocacy initiatives, collective bargaining, and educational programs for union members.


As a member of the East Hollywood Chamber of Commerce board, Sam has fervently advocated for small businesses, addressing their unique challenges regarding the local economy and sustainability.

Sam’s dedication traces back to his academic years. He served as the Student Body President at Los Angeles Valley College and later assumed the role of Commissioner of Political Affairs at California State University Los Angeles.


Stepping into the political arena as a candidate, Sam has set clear priorities: combating homelessness, addressing housing shortages and related challenges, ensuring public safety, fighting government corruption, promoting economic development across all income levels, creating a sustainable immigration framework, and devising efficient public transportation solutions.

Sam pursued political science at California State University Los Angeles and earned his B.A. He furthered his education with a graduate degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He shares his life in Valley Glen, CA, with his wife, Suzanna, and their three children: Maria, David, and Bella.


For over a decade, career politicians have catered primarily to their wealthy donors, developers, and other special interests. At the same time, they ignored the majority of residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in District 2. The outcome is overwhelming homelessness without much solution, deteriorating public safety, lack of neighborhood services, and rampant corruption at City Hall. Sam is passionate and committed to changing the district’s trajectory and starting a renaissance in our neighborhoods.


Sam has had an impressive campaign, having amassed an army of supporters, and was recently endorsed by Burbank Mayor Nick Schultz. Remarkably, Sam shares his cell phone number with anyone in the community should they choose to call him to discuss their concerns. 


The Primary Election is on March 5. The last day to register to vote in the presidential primary is February 20, 2024. To register by February 20, click HERE. For information, please visit Sam Kbushyan’s campaign website,