For over a decade, Billy Francesca has been a nightlife impresario, known for his androgynous drag, colorful persona and famous parties. Billy’s success and popularity can be attributed to a mixture of his outrageous style and charismatic personality. He is as smart as he is edgy, as professional as he is outlandish and as much in his element for high tea as he is for happy hour.

Modesty aside, how would you describe yourself?
A 10lb ham in a 5lb bag…lol, But I usually just say I’m an Anomaly, it saves time and confuses people.

How is nightlife in West Hollywood / Los Angeles different than other major cities?
I like to think that we have Everything, and I love that we have events ALL OVER! you can go downtown now, Silverlake has always had such cool things happening, (Thanks to Mr. Dan) West Hollywood always has something going on! People say its “all the same” here, but I honestly feel like, those folks don’t leave their little corner of the world. We always have something somewhere somehow going on…and usually a taco truck in front of whatever that is…with Avocado, and that makes Everything better!

What does your average day look like?
Oh Christ, I know I joke about being in bed all day…however, I’m up by 9/930 every day. Returning emails, and posting fliers about whatever events we have that week, Cleaning up the Drag Tsunami that is my apartment and then running to storage to pull costumes for the rest of the week. ALWAYS High tea and the Golden Girls, I want to say “going to the gym” but thats a damn lie when there is so much Bacon in the World to eat…then (Depending on the Day) slapping on some paint and a corset and running out the door to a club for 5/6 hours, Cocktails and Dancing till dawn, in between being in photos and dancing on stage like a 20 year old…

Best or most unusual celebrity run-in?
Oh God, EASILY, in all my years Having Delta Burke show up at Fubar at the end of Dance Bitch years ago and get on the mic and give love right back to the adoring crowd…it was Genius!

Biggest pet peeve?
Bitches…Sour,Angry,Always Negative Bitches…They ain’t never happy, never amused, just Sad Sacks…LOL It drives me nuts!

What do you love about West Hollywood?

the parking…lol,West Hollywood Represents Something. its something different for everyone, but one undeniable thing… It has a presence world wide…I love that, people from all over, know about it. It has a wonderful energee of madness and fun, and is such a haven for people who want to be surrounded by “Gay Stuff” even though, at least for me,its far more than that, its just like a big cozy playground that I get to bounce around in, to all the clubs, restaurants, and say Hi to so many different people at one time, it really is fun. I’m lucky to be here XO

What’s your favorite charity or cause?
The LGBT youth campaign, So many kids run away and wind up homeless, I want to do more to raise money and awareness to help.The LGBT Center is so amazing to have programing to help these kids! Youth Needs Our Help!


What living person in our community do you most admire?
Lindsey Horvath, I think she is Wonderful! We met years ago at Pride, and she is so Smart, So Dedicated and So REAL! I LOVE THAT! I have seen her at the “town meetings” is that what there called? and She is so calm and nice, and so knoweldgeable and aware of the Community and wants to help. All through the presidential election, she was just “Smart” and I really admire that drive…and she’ll text me and remind me to vote, and get out there..lol, and I Love that she is aware and honest, and ready to listen and help. XO LOVE!

What exciting project or event do you have coming up?
Well, Total Self Promotion here…I am over the Moon (I literally keep saying that) that my newest Tuesday Night Endeavor,Gorgeous George is now at the Chapel at the Abbey, David Cooley and the Team at The Abbey have been so wonderful and so “into” my weird vision of the night, I am just Excited! I mean lets face it, I’m not the most polished ladee in town, and to be part of such a kick ass institution and bring a piece of myself and my heart to that…OMG, Over the Moon! I’ve been on cloud 9 since we got the news we were going to be there. Thats going to keep me happy for a long time!

Tell me a secret
Oh God…OK, this is really REALLY Bad…I know where the Lindberg baby is…and I’ve never seen Purple Rain…