Hollywood Community Bands Together in Support of Producer Anton Maillie & Wife Mari Fuentes and their Battle with ALS

The Hollywood Community Bands Together in Support of Emmy-Winning
Producer Anton Maillie and Wife Mari Fuentes and their Battle with ALS

By Vic Gerami

Let’s help Anton & Mari fight ALS” GoFundMe Campaign Launches Today


Anton Maillie

Lisa Poggi and Don Anderson, producers of the critically acclaimed documentary Brothers in Arms, and former News Corp. executive Marty Pompadur have joined together with industry colleagues to launch a GoFundMe campaign in support of Emmy-winning producer Anton Maillie and his battle with the terrible disease ALS, along with sole caregiver and wife, Tonick Films founder Mari Fuentes.

Anton’s friends have created a GoFundMe campaign titled “Let’s help Anton & Mari fight ALS

Friends David Palmer, former member of Steely Dan, award-winning producers Rob McLeod (American Idol, The Proposal, Don’t, and others) and Cindy Caponera (Nurse Jackie, Shameless, At Home with Amy Sedaris, and others), award-winning commercial directors Nick Piper, Ken Arlidge and Klaus Obermeyer, actors Nancy Allen, Judy Kain and Jack McGee, former NFL/NHL senior executive Perry Cooper, casting director Kristy Carlson (Wonder Woman 1984), and senior executives from Backyard Productions and Rocket Films are also on board to lend their support to the campaign.

“Anton has always been first in line to help others. He started a run/walk campaign for WeSpark cancer support center, which raised over $1.5 million and he mentored countless people in the industry,” comments Anderson. “And he has always shown up for his friends, whenever and wherever needed.”

“It’s now time for Anton’s friends and industry colleagues to ‘show up’ for him as he and Mari face this terrible disease,” adds Poggi. “We’re grateful that people like Marty Pompadur, whose son was a good friend of Anton’s, are generously offering their support and connections to help support this amazing couple.”

Anton Maillie is an American film and television producer who was awarded an Emmy for his work on the memorable CNN commercial Why We Go.   One year ago, Anton was diagnosed with a “terminal disease.” After over four years of deteriorating health, it was determined he had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Today, Anton is wheelchair-bound, has lost 90% use of his arms and legs, and his speech is declining daily. Spiritually, emotionally and mentally, Anton is a fighter and is holding his own, but ALS is a hideous disease.

According to the ALS Society, the average total cost of ALS care is $250,000. As it progresses, Anton’s caregiving needs will rise exponentially. At present, his wife Mari is his sole caregiver, except for a few hours per week. There is virtually nothing Anton can do without Mari’s assistance, from brushing his teeth to getting dressed to eating meals, etc. She also cares for two teenage boys, their household and three dogs. She barely sleeps and is physically and emotionally exhausted. Soon, he will need to be lifted in and out of bed, and his wheelchair, etc. Thus, the couple will need outside help.

The GoFundMe “Let’s help Anton & Mari fight ALS” hopes to raise $104,000 to cover the cost of a caregiver for one year. The couple is grateful for the support of the ALS Golden West Chapter.

About Anton Maillie 

Mari Fuentes and Anton Maillie

Anton Maillie is an Emmy Award-winning American film and television commercial producer. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America as a 1st AD and UPM. Born and raised in New York, Anton headed south to attend the University of Miami. An accounting major during those initial weeks at college, he was introduced to the world of filmmaking as a major, quickly switched, and never looked back. His love for production has taken him around the globe working with many A-list celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. With over 30 years’ experience producing television commercials and short and feature films, Anton has worked with a diverse group of directors, such as James Mangold, Ericson Core, Klaus Obermeyer, Nicholas Piper and many more.

Anton is married and is the stepdad to two amazing boys. He is an avid long-distance runner and the 153rd man on the planet to have completed a marathon on all seven continents. Anton is a devoted philanthropist and the creator of weSPARK Cancer Support Center’s charity 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk, located in Sherman Oaks, CA. Anton sits on the Board of Directors for weSPARK Cancer Support Center.

About Mari Fuentes

Starting out as a young fashion model living off of Top Ramen noodles in Paris, Milan and Tokyo, Mari spent time not only in front of the camera, but also behind. That experience and excitement ultimately led to life in the commercial world, where she happily resides today. Along the way, she honed her project and business management skills working on innovative technology at Microsoft Corp. After moving to LA, Mari began producing and technical directing large scale live events, often with limited budgets. Being passionate about the creative process, Mari began to executive produce live action projects and refined her skill to resolve 95% of problems before they happen. Spending nearly a lifetime in the entertainment industry, it was only logical for Mari to create Tonick Films. Mari is a self-proclaimed technical nerd, master organizer and Morrissey lover.