Gold’s Gym

By Vic Gerami

Gold’s Gym has been the world’s trusted fitness authority since 1965. From its beginning as a small gym in Venice, California, Gold’s Gym has grown into a global icon with more than 700 locations serving 3 million people across six continents each day. Featuring personalized transformation plans, state-of-the-art equipment, certified personal trainers, a diverse group exercise program and a supportive, motivating environment, Gold’s Gym delivers the most dynamic fitness experience in the industry.

In 2015, Gold’s Gym Celebrated 50 Years…

50 Years of setting goals, showing up, digging deep, putting in the work, finishing strong, getting healthy and seeing results.

50 Years of determination, heart, transformation and incredible success stories.

50 Years of bodybuilders, first timers, pro athletes, celebrities and everyday fitness enthusiasts.

50 Years of those who are simply, in one word, committed. From a single gym in Venice, California, to a worldwide movement that has defined the modern fitness movement and redefined strength.

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