Jonathan Beal Professional Coaching

By Vic Gerami

Jonathan Beal

Jonathan Beal is a coach for high achievers who are done with living someone else’s life and want to step fully into who they really are. He worked for 6 years as a personal trainer and concurrently complete his degree in Sports Science. Since then he’s traveled the world and transitioned full time into coaching since late 2017.

He spent 15 years dedicated to understanding the connection between the physical body and the mind, through personal training, successfully transforming the health, fitness, and wellness of 100s of clients.

The thirst for knowledge about what drives humans never abated, driving him to transition from personal training into full time coaching, where he helps people powerfully reconnect with themselves and the people in their life.

Everything he does is through the lens of integrity and honesty and is there to get the best results for his clients. Jonathan created ‘The Work’, a proven process which helps high achievers connect with themselves, their purpose, create deeper connections and create an impact in the world.


Journey to Authentic Living 

I am the British, Bisexual, Mentor & Coach, whose passion is to help people like YOU see and unlock your purpose driven life!

I believe that you can live a purpose driven life, a life in complete alignment with yourself, my mission is to help high achievers like YOU find your purpose, take control of your life, and help YOU be seen for who you really are…

Because we all have so little time, here’s a quick version of my bio:

Created ‘The Embodied Man’ a proven process which helps high achievers connect with themselves, their purpose, create deeper connections and create an impact in the world.

Worked as a personal trainer for 6 years, completing over 7,000 hours of one on one coaching, and over 1,000 hours of group coaching.

Dedicated over 4 years of my life intentionally investing in my personal and professional growth to ensure I had the skills and tools to help you, something that is day on day still a part of my life.

Lost my sister when I was 3, have had a turbulent relationship with my father, lost my mother when I was 24, but overcame all that by learning to address my traumas, learning to connect with others on a deeper level and learning to face and overcome my limiting self-beliefs.

From the UK but I’ve lived in Bali, Thailand, Australia and now live in Valencia, Spain

A certified NLP Practitioner with NLPLife (Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP)

Overcame 16 years of living someone else’s life, to now owning my story, taking charge of my life with courage and honesty and living a life I could only have dreamed of before


If you want to know the truth of how I got to this point, please do read on below:

Finding my place in the world…

From a young age I was exposed to turbulence, to uncertainty, to change, and yet one thing remained, I had big dreams, and I knew that guiding, teaching and unleashing other people’s potential was what I was born to do.

Growing up I had a safe, loving and caring environment that was filled with joy and happiness, though it always carried with it a sense of sadness, losing my sister when I was just 3 years old was hard on my mother, she already suffered greatly with mental health issues, and this event caused more pain than I know she knew how to deal with.

I spent the next 20 years moving around a lot, watching my own mother go through depression, and major anxiety, at this point it did not occur to me that I was learning these behaviors, that I was being kept safe, but safe in pain.

During this time I was mostly disconnected from my father, something that I bear no grudge over even to this day we remain mostly estranged, which I’ve made my peace with. I’ve forgiven and moved on.

Fast forward and after a year of seeing my mother battle with cancer she passed away in March 2010, when I was just 24 years old. I already held the story that people didn’t want me, and that I was destined for a life of abandonment, and when the one person who truly saw me, who loved me unconditionally left, well, it broke me.

This began a 10 year journey of self-discovery, of pain, of suffering, of hiding, of rebirth.

During these 10 years I began to understand myself, to truly know myself, to understand my faults, my weaknesses, my scars and wounds.

I also discovered, my strengths, my superpowers, my ability to unleash people’s potential, to change someone’s mood in an instant, to lift people up to the highest heights.

In 2015 I reached my limit on living a mediocre life, a life where I was pretending to be someone else.


I don’t want to live somebody else’s life!

This began 4 years of throwing myself into the personal growth deep end, every single chance I got.

I knew that if I did not take this change seriously I would be stuck hiding, not being seen, and live to the end of my days miserable.

Every chance to create a paradigm shift I jumped on, every opportunity to learn and grow I embraced wholeheartedly, fully and many times, painfully.

2017 I made the decision it was time to turn this towards creating dramatic shifts in people’s lives.

To help those who were living other people’s lives, those playing people pleaser, those hiding, and those not being truly seen.

To help guide them to creating a purpose driven life, a life of alignment, of congruence, and to help people like YOU finally be seen as the real you!

Throwing myself in the deep end I started to find ways to solve these problems for others, and created a method of taking you from people pleaser, a wearer of many masks, to living unapologetically as you, giving you freedom and choices in living the life you desire.

As a result of this, analyzing my personal and professional development and that of the clients I have worked with I developed: The Embodied Man