A Body Is a Bridge, a Body Is Water: Armenian/Indian Art Show + Pop Up in LA

A Body Is a Bridge, a Body Is Water
Armenian/Indian Art Show + Pop Up in LA

A spring collection release and weekend pop up of ceramics and garments
at Heavy Manners Library by SAMAVAI & Sooki Studio


By Vic Gerami

Natalia Ira Sookias Photo Credit: Shriya Samavai Manian


Two local LA artists, Natalia Ira Sookias and Shriya Samavai Manian, launch ‘A Body Is a Bridge, a Body Is Water,’ a show celebrating their Armenian and Indian heritages, respectively.

Heavy Manners Library is transformed into a space of Armenian and Indian comforts and traditions, featuring handmade ceramics by Sooki Studio and garments made from saris by SAMAVAI. As diasporic individuals, Sookias and Manian use their memories of times spent in their traditions with grandparents and cherished family members to create a bridge over the ocean between then and now. They invite you to think about the objects in your home and how they connect to those who came before you and those who may come after. Items by Sooki Studio and SAMAVAI are inspired by rituals and built for you and those you love to continue them on.

SAMAVAI is a label founded by Shriya Samavai Manian and based in Los Angeles, CA. Shriya is interested in exploring how heritage and history can be passed down through textiles. All garments are made from vintage saris and other South Asian textiles and are cut & sewn in India and the United States.

Sooki Studio is part making space, part educational space run by queer Armenian artist & educator Natalia Sookias. Her ceramics are a vehicle to both connect with her ancestors and create good quality goods for her community. Her work is done to last generations.


Heavy Manners Library: 1200 North Alvarado Street, Los Angeles, 90026
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 24, 7-9 p.m.
Weekend Pop Up: March 25 – 27, 11-7 p.m.