Azerbaijan Commits Slow Genocide of Armenians While The World Watches in Deafening Silence

Azerbaijan Commits Slow Genocide of Armenians
While the World Watches in Deafening Silence

By Vic Gerami

On December 12, grossly violating the obligations assumed by the trilateral statement of November 9, 2020, Azerbaijan, for the second time, blocked the Goris-Stepanakert highway, cutting off the Republic of Artsakh and its 120,000 inhabitants from the outside world. On December 13, the Azerbaijani authorities also stopped the gas supply to Artsakh. It is a State-organized humanitarian crisis, a veritable terror against civilians.

About 120,000 Artsakhi Armenians are hostages of the blockade carried out by Azerbaijan under the false ecological pretext. Food, medicine, and energy supplies have been cut off, and around 1,100 people, including 270 children, are unable to return to their homes. The deliberate blocking of the gas supply during the cold winter further exacerbates the humanitarian crisis. Hospitals, schools, normal life-support infrastructure and people’s apartments lack heating. The rights of people to freedom of movement, health care, education and several other rights are being violated.

Azerbaijan Blocks Armenians’ Only Lifeline

All this is another proof that Azerbaijan continues its consistent policy of ethnic cleansing and depopulation of Artsakh.

By openly violating the norms of international law and humanitarian law, Azerbaijan creates unbearable conditions for the life of the Artsakhi Armenians and at the same time exerts psychological pressure to force them to leave their native land.

We call upon all our colleagues – journalists, experts, friends of Artsakh and just people who are not indifferent. Speak about the catastrophe in Artsakh, use the means at your disposal to condemn Azerbaijan and prevent genocide of the Armenian population in their homeland.

The letter encloses the official statement links of various departments and relevant authorities of the Republic of Artsakh concerning the blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan.

Statement of the Artsakh Republic Foreign Ministry

National Assembly Statement on Prevention of the Threats of Humanitarian Disaster to the People of the Republic of Artsakh