Celebrities Stand With Artsakh & Armenia To Stop Aliyev & Erdogan’s Jihadist Genocidal War

By Vic Gerami

Kim Kardashian, Sean Penn, Cher, Michael B. Johnson, Diddy, Mel Gibson, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Lawrence Zarian, Sally Kirkland, Have Lent Their Support


Sean Penn

In an effort to educate the American public about the humanitarian crisis happening now in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and Armenia due to the unprovoked attack by Azerbaijan and Turkey, USATV  and The Blunt Post  have launched the PSA campaign “I Stand With Artsakh and Armenia.”

At launch, Kim KardashianSerj Tankian (System of a Down), multiple Grammy-winner Paulina AguirreYasmine Al Massri (Quantico), Ed Begley Jr., Andrea Martin, and fashion expert Lawrence Zarian have lent their support to the campaign, with more high-profile figures joining later, including the honorable Congressman Adam Schiff.


Thinking of my Armenian friends and people in conflict everywhere and using this app to see what the media won’t show.” Michael B Jordan

The campaign launched on the website and social media channels of  USATV, The Blunt Post, Pop News Edition, YouTube, and many other platforms.

Here is a sneak peak of the first in a series of the 1st series.

About Artsakh

Artsakh, also known as Nagorno Karabakh, is an integral part of historic Armenia. In 1921, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, to consolidate his power, forcibly placed Artsakh under Soviet Azerbaijani rule. An arbitrary decision without precedent placed a millennia-old autonomous Christian territory into a largely hostile Muslim regional government entity. During the Soviet regime, Artsakh repeatedly appealed to the Central Government in Moscow to restore justice and reunite the region with Armenia. After years of tireless struggle, Moscow granted autonomous status to the region. The Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (Region) was created on a part of historical Artsakh. However, this new formation was deliberately separated from Armenia by a slim corridor.

“I’ve Heard About ‘Blood Thirsty TURKS Who Tortured & Murdered Almost 2Million Armenians SINCE I WAS 11.

Michael B Jordan

Since  its  creation  in  1918,  Azerbaijan  has  been  implementing  an open campaign of national, ethnic, religious, cultural, and economic discrimination, aiming to eliminate the region’s Armenian heritage. Just as it succeeded in eliminating the Armenian population of Nakhichevan, which was 50 percent Armenian in 1920 down to zero by 1991, Azerbaijan aimed to achieve ethnic cleansing in Artsakh. Its policies had already shaved down the Armenian population from 95 percent to 75 percent when it resorted to more violent methods of eliminating the Armenians.

Recognizing that 95 percent of the population was Armenian, the Soviet regime granted Nagorno Karabakh autonomy, but within Soviet Azerbaijan. During the last liberalizing phase of the Soviet era, per existing law, the population of Nagorno Karabakh declared its self-governing republic in 1991. Azerbaijan, with its Muslim majority population, responded by declaring war against the Christian Armenians. After a bloody and destructive conflict resulting in 30,000 deaths, a cease-fire agreement was signed in 1994. Year after year, however, serious, and deadly violations by Azerbaijan increased in frequency until the April 2016 escalation into a major confrontation involving large-scale attacks by Azeri forces along the entire border of Azerbaijan with Artsakh and Armenia.


Then on September 27, Azerbaijan unleashed a genocidal war on Artsakh with help from its close ally, Turkey. Confirmed reports indicate that the two countries had been preparing for this attack for about a year. Azerbaijan, an oil rich country, purchased weapons from various countries and hired ISIS, Syrian, Libyan, and Pakistani jihadist mercenaries and brought them to attack the Armenians of Artsakh.

As too many of us sit on our butts, Armenians are
being slaughtered by Trump pal Erdogan with
weapons WE provided. THIS is NOT America!
Biden for America’s new birth!
Sean Penn

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan ramped up its public relations campaign, employing not one but six of K Street’s heavy-hitting firms, including the Livingston Group, Stellar Jay Communications, BGR, the Podesta Group, and DLA Piper. Last year the country spent $1.3 million on lobbying.

In an attempt “to whitewash its dictatorial image…the autocratic government of Ilham Aliyev has unleashed spin-doctors, duped reporters, and led one of the most brazen pushes to abuse American lobbying loopholes of any foreign government,” wrote Casey Michel, reported by The American Conservative.

In an interview by Jackie Abramian for Forbes magazine, Marina Simonyan, Chief Specialist, Republic of Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office said, “Since September 27, indiscriminate airstrikes and artillery assaults against the Republic of Artsakh, Azerbaijan has consistently perpetrated gross violations of customary international humanitarian law–targeting civilians, residential areas, civilian infrastructure, public and industrial facilities, churches, cultural centers and hospitals where civilians were being treated.”

“Because of the Azerbaijani hostilities and indiscriminate, targeted, and systematic strikes, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes, sheltering at safer places in other settlements of the country or in the Republic of Armenia. Children, women, elderly, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups live with constant security threats and psychological terror, deprived of basic rights and conditions, such as food, healthcare, education, and others.”

“90,000 Artsakh residents, nearly 60 percent have fled the bombings.”

Genocide Watch’s “GENOCIDE EMERGENCY: Azerbaijan in Artsakh” report states: “Due to its denial of past genocide against Armenians, its official use of hate speech, and the current targeting of civilians in Artsakh, Genocide Watch considers Azerbaijan to be at Stage 9: Extermination and Stage 10: Denial.” It concluded, Azerbaijani military offensives, using “laser guided drones supplied by Turkey and Israel,” against Artsakh civilians are “war crimes under the Geneva Conventions.”


The U.S. Department of State announced on Oct.25, the third attempted ceasefire in the Artsakh war. The first two ceasefires were violated by Azerbaijan and Turkey within minutes of going into effect. The new ceasefire announcement was made after the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan flew to Washington, D.C. and separately met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Oct 23.


Journalist and the publisher of The California Courier, Harut Sassounian, wrote for a story in the Asbarez newspaper, “On the positive side, 10 million Armenians worldwide have been united as never before. Every Armenian realizes that this is an existential struggle. Turkey and Azerbaijan intend to commit a second genocide against Armenians. So far, Armenians have raised the unprecedented sum of $150 million and millions more in humanitarian aid. The only thing missing is for an Armenian billionaire to make a billion-dollar donation to support the survival of Armenia and Artsakh. After all, it costs Armenia $30 million a day to meet its security needs.”

Famed high-profile attorney Mark Geragos tweeted, “Turkey’s Hateful Neo-Ottoman Campaign Against the Armenians – Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s violent claims on Artsakh are unsubstantiated: Artsakh is one of the provinces of historical Armenia and has retained an Armenian majority throughout the centuries.”

To make a tax-deductible donation for humanitarian aid to Artsakh, please visit ArmeniaFund.org