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Daniel Stover

Ensight Partners’ passion is equipping leaders with insights that create efficiency, self-discovery, leadership effectiveness and team cohesion. That passion for transformation is contagious, making change at every level of an organization possible, and even fun.

A high degree of accountability is required to be the change you wish to see in the world. The executive coaches and consultants of Ensight Partners are committed to achieving mastery of their professional practice and peace in their personal lives.

We envision our clients’ teams as effective, committed, accountable, supportive and frictionless in communication. We envision a world that cherishes diversity, defends the greater good, embraces healthy discourse, and unites in common goals. Ensight Partners and our wonderful community of clients are challenging one another to be better, both for ourselves and the world around us. We’d love for you to join us on that journey.



A renowned executive coach, Daniel Stover is also the founder & CEO of Ensight Partners, a leading organizational firm based in Southern California. Breaking out on his own a year ago, Stover is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the industry’s leading gurus and go-to experts.

Today, consulting with Fortune 500 companies, Stover built a foundation of knowledge and skills by learning the executive coaching industry during his seven years at Integrated Leadership Systems. Prior to that, he was a Judicial Assistant in his native Ohio.

Stover grew up in rural Northwest Ohio, where his journey of self-discovery began. While volunteering for Suicide Prevention Services in college, Dan found his passion for helping others get unstuck and find hope. It was there he became a coach, advisor, trainer and board member for the first time.

Dan has two degrees from The Ohio State University, and his master’s degree in organizational psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In 2012, Dan began his formal training in leadership psychology with an established Midwest leadership development firm. He thrived in the consulting profession and held several board positions in Columbus, Ohio. In 2015, Dan pioneered (I’m not sure what you are trying to state by ‘pioneer’) West to Los Angeles, where he expanded his career and passion for leadership development.

Through his firm, Ensight Partners, Dan has helped hundreds of teams create culture, resolve conflict and lead more effectively across industries, internationally. In 2017, he received the ‘Excellency Award’ from Geneva Group International.


Jules Elving


Jules grew up in the Central Valley of California and attended Sonoma State University, where she received her degree in psychology and human development. Leadership has been a consistent theme in Jules’ life. Starting at an early age, Jules served others in peer counseling, athletics, philanthropy, and education.

As a professional, Jules quickly escalated in her career to a director role and cross-functional coach within a Fortune 500 company. Jules’ personal and professional transformation occurred in 2016 while completing an in-depth leadership development program, finding resolution to the anxiety and pressure associated with a highly competitive environment.

Today, Jules is living out her passion for effective leadership as an executive coach and consultant. She is an avid traveler and student of psychology and business and loves spending time skiing in the mountains, visiting with her family and attending festivals.




Stacy Kesten


Stacy grew up in a small beach town on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She received two degrees in psychology and communications from Carson Newman University in Tennessee.

In 2012, Stacy’s leadership journey began when she joined a mindfulness training program at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center. The personal benefits were so transformational, she became a certified facilitator, helping thousands of people grow in self-awareness and emotional intelligence. As Stacy’s professional practice grew, business leaders sought her counsel, which solidified her career as an executive coach and consultant.

Today, Stacy continues to train, coach and consult with leaders across industries, internationally. She helps teams work together more effectively by improving communication, resolving conflict and inspiring creativity and passion.


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