A well-connected publicist can greatly elevate an individual or organization’s public profile and reputation
By Vic Gerami


Vic Gerami

Traditional advertising is dying or evolving rapidly. Between traditional and social media bombarding people with promos, videos and images, the public has sensory overload; so they ignore most ads and messages in order to read or watch what they want. And this is where a good publicist comes in who can deliver your or your company’s message in the main content of news and editorial and directly reach your target audience.

Publicists are not only for celebrities any more. As a publicist, I represent a singer/musician, a non-profit charity, a very high-profile media personality and a for-profit company. As a journalist who knows the ins and outs of media and have solid relationships with editors, reporters and publishers, I can get write-ups and coverage easier.

My job is to keep my clients and their brand front and center with their target audience, promote them with various media outlets and expand their overall reach.



• Comprehensive Media Relations & Placement
• Social Media Management
• Press Release & Media Alert Development & Distribution (2,000+ media & press contacts)
• Crisis & Reputation Management & Communication
• Strategic & Synergistic Relationship Building
• Marketing Strategy, Planning & Execution
• Advertising Campaigns, Planning & Execution
• Brand Awareness, Streamlined & Integrated Messaging
• Press Kit Development


• Content Development
• Blog Management & Guest Blogging
• Signature Event Planning


I have been on many sides of media, public relations, marketing, advertising and communications for the last fifteen years and have been very successful. I was the Advertising Director of Frontiers Magazine for six years, before joining LA Weekly and Voice Media Group, LA Weekly’s in-house digital agency.

I have witnessed the drastic change in the advertising industry, the evolution of social media and the rapidly changing methods to capture audiences in an ocean of impressions and inundating messages. I can analyze and advise you on your online digital advertising, including web banners, interstitials, native advertising, behavior targeting, demographic targeting, geo-targeting, SEO and paid media.

Lastly, I am a contributing writer for over twenty national, regional and local publications which makes it easy to get my stories published.

Please see my Everipedia profile and contact me for a consultation at 310.880.8563 (or)