“Artist” is a simple, but not a simplistic way to describe Christopher Ciccone whose diverse and impressive body of work is forever embedded in brick & mortar, canvas, print, video and pop culture consciousness. The title of “Renaissance Man” is apropos for this creative maestro of Italian descent, whose roots go deep in the American Mid-West.

Modesty aside, how would you describe yourself?
It’s not in my nature to put modesty aside…. however, I shall try. I am an artist in everything I do. Whether it’s interior design, art, writing, photography or directing. I live and breathe my need to create and have been fortunate enough to have clients who desire my skills.

You have traveled the world many times over, how is West Hollywood / Los Angeles different than other major cities?
WeHo and LA are not very different from other cities…however, if you travel to a place like Cleveland you will find that walking down the city streets in the afternoon doesn’t leave you with the feeling that everyone behind you is in a rush to get to some function that they think they have missed. And no doubt they have.

You’re a true Renaissance Man with great accomplishments as an artist, designer, director, author and much more. At this point, what excites you the most?
My inspiration and excitement come from being a part of the reinvention or restoration of a city like Detroit or Cleveland…. I want to be where the action is…. not where every design project is one cookie cutter after the other…LA has lost is architectural interest to me.

Biggest pet peeve?
Making dinner for friends and having them so focused on their phones that I could serve dog shit for dinner and they would never notice…. also, people who don’t use their turn blinkers.

Favorite vacation spot?
My parent’s vineyard …. Ciccone Vineyards in Suttons Bay, Michigan.

Biggest turn-on?
My biggest turn on is a man with honor, without it you might as well check out of the human race.

What living person in our community do you most admire?
I admire the youngsters in our community struggling to find their way…. whatever that might be….and I admire the people of my generation that give them a helping hand in search of those dreams.

What are some elements that draw you to a new creative venture?
Life and all that comes with it….

What exciting project(s) or event do you have coming up?
I am off to Detroit and Cleveland to be a part of the restoration of these 2 great cities…it’s exciting and I am so very grateful to be a part of it.

Tell me a secret
I have 2 left feet and I love pickles.