Jay Glazer embodies sports, health and fitness authority. He is a highly celebrated and decorated athlete, a NFL insider for Fox Sports and a huge name in the world of mixed martial arts as a trainer and broadcaster. Glazer’s resume of breaking news is unparalleled and earned him the title of Sports Illustrated’s “Media Person of the Year.” But this tough guy from Jersey has a soft spot for U.S. veterans, underprivileged children and West Hollywood.

Modesty aside, how would you describe yourself?
I’m extremely loyal and grateful.

You’re definitely a macho man, a man’s man if you will; do you consider yourself a straight ally of the LGBTQ community?
What, I can’t be a lesbian? (Laughs) If I vibe with someone, then we’re cool and I don’t care about someone’s sexual orientation, race, gender, nationality, religion, etc. We’re all walking this walk together.

This town is known for its gyms and yours, “Unbreakable Performance Center”, is the crème de la crème, named by Yahoo! Sports as “The Most Elite Gym in America”. Tell me a little bit about it.
It’s the “SoHo House” of gyms. It’s more than a gym, it’s an oasis. There are no mirrors because we don’t want to turn our back on anyone. On an average day, you can walk in and see Sylvester Stallone boxing with Demi Lovato. People like Duane Brown, Justin Hartley and people from all walks of life train here.

What does your average day look like?
In a single week, I could be covering the Super Bowl, flying to shoot two episodes of “Ballers”, work on my two charities, but my most important duty is to my fourteen years old son. He’s my man and I love spending time with him. My life is controlled chaos.

How is West Hollywood / Los Angeles different than other major cities?
It’s a “Staycation”. People all over the world save money to visit LA, but we live here. I live in the hills above West Hollywood.

Where do you like to go, or do when you have a night off?
Wine! I like drinking wine at home, or go to Pearl’s or Rock & Reilly’s, two restaurants I’m a partner.

What do you like about West Hollywood?
Every block is different, with its own character and personality. I rarely venture out of West Hollywood.

What’s on your play list?
Hate music. Rap and Heavy Metal. Harry Connick Jr., oldies, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Limp Bizkit and Tupac Shakur. My last concert was U2 and the one before that was Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.

What’s your favorite charity or cause?
I have two charities that I’m very proud of. The first one is MVP, Merging Vets and Players. MVP’s mission is to match up former Combat Vets and former professional athletes together, after the uniform comes off, to give them a new team to tackle the transition together. MVP shows them they are NOT alone.

My other charity is Touchdown Dreams. It’s like “Make a Wish Foundation” on steroids. Touchdown Dreams was created with the goal of putting a smile on the face of an ill child, to give him/her a respite from his/her day-to-day struggles, to give him/her an experience that he/she will cherish forever. With the help and support of professional athletes across the nation, we are making touchdown dreams come true.

Tell me a secret
I’m Kosher.