Most people would be ecstatic to accomplish in their lifetime what Jazz Jennings has achieved at sixteen years old. She has her own TV show, has written a book, has been a spokesperson for a Fortune 500 company and co-founded a non-profit to help transgender youth. Jazz has won awards and received countless accolades for her courageous advocacy on behalf of the transgender community since the age of six, yet remains a humble and all-American teenager.

Modesty aside, how would you describe yourself?

I’m a quirky, interesting, unique, fun, outgoing, whimsical, weird (in a good way) teenage girl who just happens to be transgender.

What do you think of all that has changed for the transgender community since you first went public?

I’m proud that there has been tremendous progress since I transitioned 10 years ago. I know there have been recent setbacks that are disheartening, but the transgender community is resilient. I know that if we stick together and keep moving forward we will continue to see positive change.

Do you think that fame has made it easier or harder for you as a pansexual transgender woman?

No difference, I still haven’t found my first love. ♥️

Where do you like to go, or do when you have a night off?

I’m such a homebody. I love my Jazz time which usually consists of chilling in my room with my cats while binge watching shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race & Game of Thrones.

What’s new on your play list?

I recently added a few Jackson 5 songs, ABC, I want you back, and I’ll be there.

Celebrity crush?

Zach Efron & Ruby Rose!

What’s your favorite charity or cause?

Besides our foundation, The TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation, I’m passionate about helping the LGBTQ community. I’m an HRC Youth Ambassador. I also support The Trevor Project and GLAAD.

What living person in our community do you most admire?

Laverne Cox. She’s more than just an actress, she’s a brilliant woman, incredible speaker and fierce activist for the transgender community.

What exciting project or event do you have coming up?

Since I was little I’ve been attending the annual Philadelphia Trans-health conference, which is coming up in a few weeks. I get to connect with old friends and meet so many incredible people.

Tell me a secret

I’m a big nerd who loves to watch anime and I get straight A’s in school.