Beauty Company Adaora Inc. Announces the Launch of E-Commerce Marketplace

By Vic Gerami

Unlike Amazon and eBay, is a beauty-niche multiple vendor platform for brands
and small business owners to list, market and sell their products without a third-party distributor, launches with the goal to collaborate with exceptional brands, leading connoisseurs of beauty products, and influencers.

Adaora started as a brick and mortar store and was founded by Nigerian-American entrepreneur and investor, Chinecherem Eze. With growing demand for online shopping partly due to COVID-19, Eze’s primary objective is to support small businesses, feature lesser-known brands, while also selling mainstream brand names too.

From offering exclusive new and innovative labels, European staples, and brands committed to greener shipping practices, is meant to be a one-stop shopping tool for people who want more from their spending dollar.

Chinecherem Eze

“I am thrilled for Adaora’s virtual celebrity and influencer soiree and to share our exceptional and varied products with some of the leading beauty experts. We are proud to meet our consumers’ main desire for quality of service, variety of products, and of the overall experience, simply to be worth their time and money,” said Chinecherem Eze, founder of

Shopping on supports a great cause and helps a lot of people. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Adaora Foundation, founded in 2015. The foundation donates wigs, makeup, and other essential beauty products to victims (heroes) of unforeseen circumstances. Beneficiaries include cancer survivors, burn survivors, and accident survivors who lost their hair or sustained damage to their face due to circumstances beyond their control.

Eze continued, “It is particularly important for us to give back to the community by helping those who have suffered or have been victimized for whatever reason but unable to afford much needed supplies. Adaora Foundation is committed to helping as many people as possible.”

The official launch of is on Saturday, July 25, 2020.

To celebrate, Adaora has planned an Instagram LIVE cyber grand opening on that day, from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for celebrities, influencers, Adaora customers, beauty lovers and the public to tune-in and give shout-outs. There will be lots of giveaways and prizes to be won. The company is calling on all beauty vendors, brands, and small businesses to list their hair and beauty products at

More About Adaora

Adaora started as a Brick and Mortar store selling various beauty products. We pride ourselves as a company that primarily focuses on supporting small businesses but as we grew, we felt short of our promise of uplifting smaller brands as we started to focus more on carrying popular name brands.

To fix this, was born. We created a beauty-niched online marketplace that gives multiple vendors and small business owners the opportunity to list and sell their products strategically, without the hassle of going through extreme process to find distribution.


More About Chinecherem Eze

Chinecherem Eze is an entrepreneur, investor, and a Film Producer. She is the Founder and CEO of Hissbox, a fast-growing film distribution, app and streaming service and she also founded a Beauty-niched multi-vendor online marketplace alongside retail beauty franchises across the nation.

Eze was recognized and honored with the Outstanding Professional of the Year Award by the United States Congresswoman Karen Bass for her outstanding achievements in business having moved to the United States as a 20 year old immigrant from Nigeria, and within 3 years of founding her company Adaora became a household name with franchise locations across various parts of the country while also serving as a reservist with the United States Army.

Chinecherem constantly seeks innovative ways to give back to her community through mobilizations, direct service, donations, and more. She is transforming lives of young people by helping them clearly define their lives and live their purpose while maximizing their personal and professional potentials. She has explored new frontiers in Hollywood as she is currently working on producing her second feature film which she also stars in. This is in addition to many short films and TV shows which she has produced and starred in. Among many other appearances, Chinecherem was featured on Ellen DeGeneres Game of Games Season 1 on NBC.

Adaora Website:

Adaora Instagram: @adaora.com_

Adaora Facebook: Adaora.comofficial

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