PrideCast LIVE Announces 11-Hour Program Lineup, 12 Shows, Hosts & Guests

By Vic Gerami


Matthew Breen, Mat Hayes, Ryan Basham, and Alex Mohajer Added to the Host Lineup
Featured Guests Include Pennsylvania Representatives Malcolm Kenyatta and Brian Sims, Torie Osborn, Jarrett Hill, Blossom Chriselle Brown, Rabbi Denise Eger, Lester Aponte, Drexel Heard, and More


PrideCast LIVE presented by Independent Radio KPFK 90.7 FM, THE BLUNT POST with VIC, and the Stonewall Democratic Club has announced the complete lineup of shows, hosts, and guests for its 11-hour program, LIVE on KPFK 90.7 FM and streaming LIVE at

A few of the featured guests include Pennsylvania Representatives Malcolm Kenyatta and Brian Sims, Journalist Jarrett Hill, Actress, and Activist Blossom Chriselle Brown, Rabbi Denise Eger, President of the Stonewall Democratic Club Lester Aponte, Executive Director of the LA County Democratic Party Drexel Heard.

Vic Gerami

PrideCast LIVE is curated and narrated by Vic Gerami as a collaboration of KPFK 90.7 FM, the nation’s longest-running independent and progressive radio station, THE BLUNT POST with VIC, KPFK’s prime-time national breaking and headline news show, and the Stonewall Democratic Club, the nation’s oldest LGBTQ+ and feminist political group advocating for progressive issues since 1975.

PrideCast LIVE is on Saturday, June 27, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The marathon commemorates Pride Month and Global Pride and expresses solidarity with Black Lives Matter. The daylong program will air LIVE on KPFK 90.7 FM and Livestream on

For the special program, KPFK has transformed its logo and creating custom on-air content commemorating pride and standing in solidarity with the Black community.

“KPFK Los Angeles is proud to celebrate Pride Day with support from the Stonewall Democratic Club on Global Pride Day. We are committed to the communities we serve to provide news, information, stories, music, culture, and the arts. Please help us remain fearless by supporting us at,” said Kevin Fleming, KPFK Program Director.

Ryan Basham

The marathon will feature a variety of diverse shows by KPFK programmers, members of the Stonewall Democratic Club, and radio hosts from the community. Vic Gerami, the host of THE BLUNT POST with VIC, will produce and emcee the event. He will also host the marathon’s opening show.

“This is my third and most important year producing KPFK’s Pride program, especially due to the recent murder of George Floyd and many other black Americans who were victims of police brutality caused by institutionalized and systematic anti-black racism. Pride 2020 is not pride, as usual, it is not a celebration, especially with our nation in turmoil while our President has declared war on Americans. With the current situation and an ongoing COVID-19 crisis, pride 2020 is about solidarity with black

Anne Stockwell

Americans and all other marginalized minorities. We will show the true meaning of pride on this 50th anniversary of LA Pride-resistance, activism, and resilience, along with our collaboration with the Stonewall Democratic Club.” said Vic Gerami.

He added, “It is a natural fit for a station that is known as ‘radio powered by the people’ to partner with the country’s leading LGBTQIA+ political advocacy organization for this historic pride program. THE BLUNT POST with VIC is proud to be a producing partner and bring a lineup of exciting and relevant shows covering pressing currents events.”

“The entire Stonewall team is thrilled to take both pride and political action to the Los Angeles airwaves!” said Ryan Basham, Communications Vice President of Stonewall Democratic Club. “We’re hard at work collaborating with Vic Gerami and KPFK on exciting, fun, and engaging programming that will help make this year’s Pride truly special.”

Stonewall President Lester Aponte said, “KPFK has been the standard-bearer of quality radio programming in Los Angeles and has been instrumental in magnifying LGBT voices for decades. We’re proud to partner KPFK and The Blunt Post with Vic on what will surely be a one-of-a-kind event.”

PrideCast LIVE


Drexel Heard

Vic Gerami hosts a panel discussion with all the stakeholders of PrideCast LIVE to discuss the evolving nature of Pride 2020. Guests: Program Director KPFK Kevin Fleming, President of SDC Lester Aponte, LA County Democratic Club Executive Director + Community Vice President SDC Drexel Heard, Communications Vice President of SDC Ryan Basham, and Chair: Public and Media Relations/Brand Management of SDC Alex Mohajer.

11-11:30-Stonewall Spotlight
Marcus Lovingood and Mackenzie Hussman host SDC’s theme-driven, magazine-style podcast, retrospective.

Matthew Breen

11:30-12-Faith and Queerness
Mat Hayes hosts a conversation with faith leaders. Guests: Rev Denyse Barnes, Ani Zonneveld, Pastor Nicole Garcia, Keola Whittaker, Tony Scott, Rabbi Denise Eger, and Rev Drew Stever.

12-1-IMRU: History of the LGBTQIA+ Rights Movement
Anne Stockwell narrates IMRU’s iconic featured in its archives, produced by Steve Pride.

Blossom Chriselle Brown

1-2: Kitchen Conversationz
Hosts Brooke Wade and Dr. Zanita Kel present Radical Love: Does the Black Community Have Room for Homophobia? Guest: Dr. Diandra Bremond, Produced by Kiyana Williams, In this conversation Dr. Kelly and Brooke Wade explore what it is like to belong to the LGBTQIA+ community (from the black female perspective). Guest:

2-3-Stonewall Stories of Pride
Host Jonathan Welch with guests: David Crabb, Lucé Tomlin Brenner, and Sandi Marx.

Mat Hayes

3-4-Feminist Magazine Pride Special
Host Lynn Ballen focuses on intersectionality + activism + social justice + LGBTQIA+ Rights & history with guests: Alexis Clement, Jeannette Bronson, and Yazmin Monet Watkins

4-5-Politics, Pride, and Power
Host Matthew Breen interviews leading queer politicians of today with guests: Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims, Pennsylvania representative Malcolm Kenyatta, and political analyst and radio host Danielle Moodie-Mills.

5-6-LGBTQIA+ Leaders of Tomorrow
Host Alex Mohajer Interviews a panel of current & former students of Stonewall’s Leadership Development Program. Guests: Christian Green, Stephanie Wade, Ebony Murphy-Root, Bryant Galindo, Luckie Alexander, and Zekiah Wright.

6-7-The Read Down
Hosts Ryan Basham, Alex Mohajer, and Jonathan Welch present SDC ‘The View’ style roundtable show with Jarrett Hill.

Alex Mohajer

7-8:30 -Pride at 50
Host Alex Mohajer presents Stonewall Democratic Club’s YouTube Special with guests Ryan O’Conner, Reggie Greer, Estevan Montemayor, Torie Osborn, and Blossom Chriselle Brown.

8:30-9 -Pride leading in November Elections
Vic Gerami concluded the 11-hour programming with a wrap-up and commentary about Pride 2020 and the road to the November elections.


KPFK is a listener-sponsored radio station based in Los Angeles. KPFK was the second of five stations in the non-commercial Pacifica Foundation network. The Pacifica Foundation was founded in the late 1940s out of the peace movement surrounding World War II, becoming the birthplace of a listener-sponsored radio.

Brian Sims

KPFK has been broadcasting since 1959 over 110,000 – Watts, the strongest signal west of the Mississippi. KPFK continues to produce the majority of programs in-house giving it the flexibility to provide a platform for stories, news, music, and information to serve the cultural welfare of the communities in and around Southern California that you will not hear anywhere else. KPFK believes forging social change is a fundamental part of how radio can make a positive impact on communities.


THE BLUNT POST with VIC, with host Vic Gerami, is a prime-time national breaking + headline news program that airs LIVE on KPFK 90.7 FM on Mondays, at 7:00 a.m. (PST). The show also offers analysis and commentary about national headlines, politics, and current events. Gerami interviews a member of Congress and other high-profile public figures on each show and highlights a benevolent organization, such as a charity, a social justice cause, or an exceptional changemaker in the community.


Jarrett Hill

The Stonewall Democratic Club is the nation’s oldest LGBTQ+ and feminist political group. Since our founding in Los Angeles in 1975, Stonewall has been the home for progressive LGBTQ+ Democrats as well as our straight allies.

Stonewall is committed to achieving equality for all by advancing progressive and feminist values at local, state, and national levels. Stonewall is an all-volunteer, grassroots, non-profit political organization and is among the largest Democratic Clubs in California. Stonewall has inspired the formation of dozens of sibling organizations across the country and is a leading voice for LGBTQ+, feminist, and progressive issues both locally and nationally.

Stonewall membership is open to all Democrats, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We encourage you to join us at