By Vic Gerami

OutBüro, a new rating and review system provides LGBTQIA employees the ability to anonymously rate and review their current and recent past employer(s) at no cost to the employee.

Founded by US Army veteran and social entrepreneur Dennis Velco, the ratings capture many factors both unique to their LGBTQ work life experience and general employee satisfaction. A simple way to describe OutBüro is as a mash up of and HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.

Dennis Velco

OutBüro aims to be the open and employee reported source for insight into the LGBTQ friendliness of every employer everywhere. OutBüro is inclusive, yet not limited to US Fortune 1,000 companies. It is available to all employers, any type, any size, and anywhere in the world.

OutBuro indicates if an employer has the following LGBTQ friendly policies, benefits, resources and practices:

• Sexual orientation non-discrimination policy
• Gender Identity non-discrimination policy
• Domestic partner benefits
• Transgender inclusive benefits
• LGBTQ employee resource group
• Requires same LGBTQ equality standard in contractors and vendors
• LGBTQ inclusion competency training
• Has same policies, benefits, resources and practices throughout the globe and subsidiaries
• Publicly demonstrates support for LGBTQ quality Globally, Nationally and Locally
• Appropriately leverages LGBTQ content in its marketing year round – not just Pride month

OutBüro is also a resource for www.OutBuro.comLGBTQ job seekers to gain insight into a potential employer’s work culture. It allows employers to claim or add their OutBüro Employer Listing and thereafter control the content representing the company/organization and interact with the anonymous raters/reviewers.

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