‘The Moon Book’ Will Change Your Life By Sarah Faith Gottesdiener


‘The Moon Book’ Is An Informative And Comprehensive Guide To Lunar Living,
Incorporating Radical, Self-Empowering, And Magical Tools And Resources
For The Beginner And Experienced Lunar-Followers

By Vic Gerami


Most of us can benefit from more spirituality and conscious living, especially in 2020, amid COVID-19, a global recession, and a planet in conflict. The world may not have been quite ready for Marianne Williamson as the President of the United States, but she made her mark nonetheless, as a leader who would bring spirituality to the government.

So, it is apropos that writer Sarah Faith Gottesdiener has written a book, ‘The Moon Book – Lunar Magic to Change Your Life,’ that helps us navigate these trying times with a different perspective. The Moon Book, about the moon and all her cycles (not just full and new), is currently NO. 1 in new releases on Amazon US, in three categories: Personal Development, Astrology & Witchcraft, Religion and Spirituality.

Gottesdiener’s book is a guide to conscious living through the moon and her phases, incorporating wellness rituals, spell-work, and witchcraft for the modern seeker. She is the leader of a movement to remind us of that lineage, guiding our rhythms and our sleep, our energy, and our emotions, reminding us of our humanity and our magic. In her self-published Many Moons workbooks and lunar journals, as well as her sold-out classes, she has guided over 50,000 readers to a deeper relationship with the moon, and through it, with themselves.

I chatted with Sarah about her book for an exclusive interview for The Blunt Post.

It seems that most of us lack enough spiritual awareness and practice in our lives, especially with the challenges facing us in 2020. What inspired you to write the book, ‘The Moon Book – Lunar Magic to Change Your Life?’

There are certainly are many challenges facing the earth and humanity. I think that if more people had an ethical and authentic spiritual practice things would change for the good of all. The Moon Book is a guide to living intentionally, finding your magic, and developing your intuition. I wanted to people see themselves reflected within the pages, as well as offer tools for processing, growing, dying, and evolving. The book shares many practical and magical ways for folks to enhance their intuition, heal, and share their visions with the world. Like the Moon, we are all comprised of different layers of consciousness, gradients of dark and light. Like the Moon, we are not meant to be stagnant; we go through phases. This book helps you recognize these energies within and offers support for you to work with, not against, the nature that we are all a part of.

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Tell me a bit about your background, upbringing, work, and what led you to be in higher consciousness?

I was lucky enough to be raised in a non-dogmatic Jewish and Catholic background on the East Coast, without too much religious dogma that ends up souring many spiritual practices. Both my brother and I are gay, came out as teenagers, and we also were lucky to have a supportive family around that as well. My lens will always be a queer and intersectional feminist one. I have worked as a waitress, a nanny, a preschool teacher, an artist, in advertising, as a designer for Nike, Sephora, and other well-known brands, and have run my own business for the past 10 years. However, I never had any guidance around being a psychic and intuitive, and interpreted my gifts as there being something “off” or “different” about me.

When I started learning tarot at 25, it was a container for me to be psychic within, and eventually, that led me to lunar magic, seeing hundreds of clients a year, and speaking and teaching about the occult and metaphysical realm. I seek an intuition-led life because every time I decide from my higher consciousness, I experience healing, growth, wisdom, and reward. For example, I have moved 3 places sight unseen, and though there was always a challenging period, it always put me in the right place. Another example: in 2015 I got a message from spirit to write and self-publish lunar workbooks for 3 years. They ended up selling over 50,000 copies. As I was mailing out the last books in the series, I was signing the contract for the Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life. We can’t know where we will end up, sometimes we won’t even know why we are being led down a certain path until we are well on our way. When we choose to trust our intuition, we receive clues and signposts on the journey towards our destiny.

What are some defining experiences and moments in your life that led you to explore the topics in your book?

I have had multiple near-death experiences where I was physically compromised for months, and still have serious injuries from them. I have survived the abuse of all kinds and have overcome addiction as well as low self-esteem. I live with an incredibly rare form of cancer that took 7 years for the medical establishment to diagnose that has only one known cure, which I am currently being denied by my current doctors. This serious chronic illness has painful and debilitating symptoms. I have also experienced gorgeous moments of unity consciousness and global compassion, been blessed to receive generosities from strangers, divine messages from the dead and my spirit guides, awesome spells coming true, finding the great love of my life, as well as numerous gifts of synchronicity.

It is my understanding that we are in a time where we are being called to transform our most painful moments into gold. In America, we must reconcile our past of Indigenous genocide, land theft/settler colonization, and chattel slavery. That means being accountable individually and as a nation. This is a time where we must summon and present our unique gifts to the world and be brave enough to become ourselves. When we experience that gift of authenticity, we feel called to fight for justice. We are to reject the toxic and abusive ways of living and reconnect with the earth, the cosmos, and one another in respectful ways. Collaborating with the moon to imagine and invent new relationships to ourselves and others has been a potent tool for me. I hope it becomes one for you.

How would those who are not advanced or better yet, very new to the study of the moon and the planets’ influence on our lives benefit from your book?

The study of the moon—and the planets—is about studying and attuning with cosmic cycles, patterns, qualities of dark and light, seasons, and relationships. It is also about the experience of energetic patterns. When we become attuned to lunar rhythms, we also become attuned to our energetic patterns, and our various qualities of energy. Linked to this is also our emotions, our subconscious, our perceptions, and our belief systems. On a practical level, knowing when you are most creative, when you tend to get tired, or when you are most intuitive can help you plan better. Who wouldn’t want to experience more connection and transformation with any of these things?

What are some of the most influential and obvious elements of your vast knowledge that most of us fail to realize in our everyday life?

Everything you need is within. There is usually a different perspective available to you that will help unlock a door. You are not broken, the system is. You are powerful, so you can change the system. Abundance is not always about money; true abundance is usually about mindset, relationships, embodiment, and the ability to receive. Boundaries are magic: they make everything possible. After birth is death, and after death is rebirth.

You are an artist and a feminist. How do those characteristics intersect with your spiritual work?

We see a lot of mimicking of the patriarchy, the binary, and harmful forms of capitalism in this current trend of spirituality, even that which is supposedly “new age” or “alternative.” I am interested in creating and collaborating with forms of spiritual practices that are non-hierarchical and non-exploitative-that are compassionate, generative, healing, and filled with potential. I wish for everyone to be as empowered as possible within their ethical spiritual practice, and life. Art reflects, intrigues, inspires, and changes souls. I do not think there is anything more feminist than sharing tools to help folks access their unique gifts. Feminism also imagines other worlds where everyone is cared for and abundant. Spirituality offers visions and frameworks for these other worlds. That is where it all intersects, I think!

What would you say to someone who does not know much about the moon’s phases and lunar cycles and is not sure about reading your book?

You live with the moon, as does everyone you know, as did your ancestors. You are affected by her energy every day. Why not learn more about her?

Learn more about The Moon Book at TheMoonBook.com and pre-order on Amazon. You can follow Sarah on Instagram and visit her store ModernWomenProjects.com


More About Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is an artist living in Los Angeles. Her designs have been seen in movies, mood boards, photoshoots, and homes across the United States. Modern Women, her studio, creates apparel, printed matter, as well as design and creative direction for individuals and brands.

For over 10 years, Sarah has provided insights for thousands of clients in her practice as a psychic tarot reader. She teaches classes on the moon, tarot, magic, spirituality, and feminist self-help. Author of the cult classic Many Moons workbooks and planners, one of Sarah’s life goals is to empower individuals to tap into their own intuition, creativity, and magic.